Quality Policy

We are committed to consistently deliver expert machining services in a timely and accurate manner, to deliver a predictably quality product, and to maintain valued relationships with our customers.  This is supported by state of the art facilities and equipment, well-defined processes, and excellent training programs. The management has adopted a culture that fosters integrity, sense of responsibility, and continual improvement through compliance with the iso standard.

Quality Objective

Our Goal is to carefully assess the unique requirements of the customer and to only accept work that is fully within our capability, both in process and in scope of time, and to then consistently meet or exceed those requirements.


The focus of our vision is to create and maintain a niche market within the manufacturing sector by focusing primarily on small and very precise work that may be cumbersome to higher volume manufacturers.


We have a commitment to constantly better our services through ongoing education, willingness to learn new processes, and maintaining the most modern state of the art equipment that is within our means.


-Creating lasting relationships with happy customers by delivering quality in both our products and our customer service.

-Continual annual growth at a rate that never sacrifices our ability to be true to our quality policy.

-Continual improvement of the quality management system as the company continues to mature and adapt to the evolving market.